Full services marketing from, with, into and beyond the cloud


Welcome to my marketing underground. You’ve probably found me through a one of my clients’ successful projects. My promotional play is that I do great work for others to get their audience to look into who did it. That’s me.

I’m a guy living in the cloud who has had an adventurous journey in the field of most types of marketing from simple illustration, through graphic design and interactive, to plotting physical marketing tactics/activations in the field at events, through designing web marketing software and finally through authoring comprehensive multi-channel strategic council.

The saga began with small gigs in the lowbrow circles of Detroit area and passed through consulting directly with the core of global brands like Harley-Davidson corporate, Toyota/Scion, Google…and the two-decade list goes on. Extremely useful lessons accrue from each level, from granular to the macro. Big insights can come from knowing the details of the small.

I’ve risen up, and settled into what fits me best personally. The choice to optimize life, and to maximize performance/efficiency, via operating from the cloud has created much value for my clients. Using cloud tools and talent in replace of travel, meetings, employees and the typical agency overhead of a physical location is very efficient here in 2016. Working with a one man Brand Craftsman who finds balance and satisfaction in living an edited, minimalist lifestyle adds to the value in savings.

My name is Anthony William Scout Underwood and here’s my breakdown…

Strategic (Plotting & Scheming):

Using a career’s worth of empirical knowledge, I’ve grown wise to successful branding and marketing tactics and strategies. Based on goals, I’ll get clever and creative with drafting ways to make conversion gains. CRM, SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Neuromarketing and all the methods of the day will mesh. It’s all relative.

Creative (Art & Design):

With tactics, strategies and goals in mind (and using my degree and 20 years experience in Visual Communications), I enjoy full command of the art and science for gaining attention, clarity, trust, consideration, conversion and customers. Illustration, design, art direction and brand development/management skills are fused to generate profound results at a price that pleases.

Technical (Web Software Development):

I know web technology. Born from the Dotcom era, I hack or tweak my own code when it makes no sense to pull in the finest specialists. I pay close attention to the recent software options that are affordably available so we can connect the best of them to align for you. I have advanced resources to do the heavy lifting if need be. Thus, speed and control continues as I direct and/or code the implements needed to fulfill marketing strategies.

My E-Commerce System: I have a system of building a remarkable website marketing sales funnel with premium, proven and powerful technologies that truly are cheaper, better and faster compared to what is available. This is because I align a collection of the best products where each product is the core competency of each given developer. These technologies are already built, perfected, proven, supported and sold thousands of times over. Bugs are worked out. In most e-commerce cases, it is more affordable to align an array of proven best-in-class software rather than build an unproven prototype from the ground up. I found the formula to make it all harmonize. My system gives you tremendous control and reporting insights so you can master your web sales game. I’ve observed similar systems get built for $80k with large teams, problems, development time and hassle. I do it at a fraction of this thanks to recent developments in web technologies.

“I have the knowledge of teams. I also have teams to leverage. From concept to construction to ongoing continuations, the result is a more potent brand with high-performance marketing at a fraction of the price. Ideas don’t get lost between people when it’s all with one person.”

Are you interested in creative concepts, art and anything all the way through to web tactics and brand strategy? If so, let’s connect. I keep my clients and ideas close, so I’ll show you a taste of my work if we converse. Call/text/Facetime me at 616-827-7375. Let’s be human and have a good ol’ fashioned chat. I’d love to thank you one day…with results. You may email me at scout@brandcraftsman.com as well.

One is simple and so am I.


//A. Scout Underwood
(One Man) Brand Craftsman
June 2016